Heaven in pity

"How much intoxication does a society need and which drug fits today?"

Nicola Hümpel developed an evening with students from the Otto Falckenberg School in Munich: About the longing for letting go, about calculated and uncontrollable derailments in the body's own ecstasies as well as about the causes and consequences of intoxication and anaesthesia.

Three students of the second year are engaged in scenic and musical improvisations on these themes and deal with themselves as well as with substances that expand or constrict consciousness. In doing so, they question: What is a good intoxication, what is a bad intoxication? What does it bring to me, to society? A musical evening, accompanied by three musicians from Nico and the Navigators.



A production of the Otto-Falckenberg School and the Münchner Kammerspiele in co-production with NICO AND THE NAVIGATORS.

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