The future of yesterday


Menschenbilder 2.0

Exactly 20 years after their debut in the capital, Nico and the Navigators return to Sophiensæle – the scene of their foundation in Berlin – with the world premiere of "The Future of Yesterday". In October 1998 Nico and the Navigators gave a guest performance of their first production "Ich war auch schon einmal in Amerika" in Berlin's Sophiensæle for the first time. There followed seven formative years as artists-in-residence, during which the troupe put together the first productions of their "Menschenbilder" triptych. 

In those early years at the Sophiensæle the ensemble found a minimalist style all of its own and even then moved between theatrical genres. As if through a magnifying glass, the Navigators investigated everyday behaviour in Berlin and observed grotesque interpersonal rituals of behaviour. By examining despairing neurotics who live in the big city and are incapable of communicating with each other, they showed the gulf between humans that is characteristic of our time and thereby reflected the very building blocks of society. 

The themes approached at that time once again provide plenty of material for a new examination of the social and technical utopias of the past: leave-taking and loss, the inability to make existential decisions, rejection in the modern working world, and questions regarding the meaning of things in the midst of turbo-materialistic capitalism. 

They ask the question: How will we think about our work in 20 years' time? Have we adequately responded to the phenomena of the period? 

In this production, four generations of Navigators set out in search of clues through the ensemble's twenty-year history. By taking a retrospective view and applying a visionary sense of reinterpretation, they take a look at the viewpoints of that time and look ahead to the future of today and the past of tomorrow. 

Is it too late, to start too early?

(„Eggs on Earth“ 2000)



A production by Nico and the Navigators. In Cooperation with the Sophiensaele und co-produced by Kampnagel Hamburg. Funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds as well as by the Land of Berlin and the Spartenoffene Förderung.

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