The future of yesterday - Cast & Crew

Artistic Direction Nicola Hümpel
Stage Design Oliver Proske
Video Tina Zimmermann
Director stage music Tobias Weber
Electronic space composition Tomasz Prasqual
Costumes Cristina Lelli
Music Philipp Kullen (drums)
Tomasz Prasqual (keyboard instruments)
Tobias Weber (guitars)
By and with Martin Clausen
Yui Kawaguchi
Annedore Kleist
Anna-Luise Recke
Ted Schmitz
Patric Schott
Michael Shapira
Artistic cooperation Alisa Hecke
Camera & Live video editing Bodo Gottschalk
Lighting Fabian Bleisch
Sound David Rusitschka
Stage Assistant Holger Müller, Sonja Winkler
Costume assistant Miriam Lellek
Production Judith Bodenstein, Raphael Reher

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