andropolaroid 1.1

Sounds shoot through the air, some here some there, like warnings shattering the silence enclosing the room. The flickering of light, the undertow of sound and a curiosity for this strange world drives the dance of Japanese artist Yui Kawaguchi.


“andropolaroid” is based on the personal experiences Yui Kawaguchi has made during her immigration from Japan to Germany. Seven years have passed since she first decided to deal with and process this topic. Since then, her views have gained some perspective; with certain personal events shifting their focus to the foreground and other political changes influencing the social consciousness.

These new experiences and the benefit of hindsight have allowed Yui Kawaguchi to approach her past work anew. All things foreign were previously seen with a sharp contour and clearly detached from all things familiar. But what happens when these boarders start to shift and overlaps occur? Does that which was once foreign begin to lose its risky appeal while the once familiar blurs into an unexplainable enigma?

Approaching these questions, and inspired by scientific methodology, the dancer and choreographer Yui Kawaguchi presents her observations, including a comparison of the language structure of Japanese and German, by creating a complex model of sound and light and then immersing her body within this organism.

Starting from the microcosms of the individual in “andropolaroid” the production journeys through societies interwoven dependencies to be reinvented in “andropolaroid 1.1”




A production by Yui Kawaguchi and theater-51grad.com in cooperation with MA scène nationale Pays de Montbéliard. In cooperation with Nico and the Navigators. Supported by the Berlin Senate Cultural Affairs Department.


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