Angels' Share


Staged concert



»Angels’ Share« is the term used by whisky distillers to describe part of the whisky which evaporates during the aging process and is so, for the angels. The eponymous staged concert guides the audience, with help from the Urban Strings ensemble supported by performers and a singer, through the musically bizarre journey from the noble courtly culture of Henry Purcell's London into the pubs where the still thriving fiddle culture of the Highlands of Scotland is to be found.

An evening of music 'navigated' by Nicola Hümpel, peppered with British humour and a touch of snobbism – A musical duel between Aristocracy and Ale house, between melancholy, intoxication and the lust for life...


A zeitfenster, Nico and the Navigators and Radialsystem V co-production. Angels' Share is part of the series of staged concerts KlangZuGang, for which Nico and the Navigators are the beneficiaries of a three-year sponsorship from Berlin's Fonds Darstellende Künste (Performing Arts Fund). The ensemble is also the recipient of a grant accorded by the state of Berlin.

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