An evening of Bach in a church setting


With their staged concert of chamber music „Cantatatanz“ Nico and the Navigators approach and bring themselves closer to the works of Johann Sebastian Bach. In this second edition of the „KlangZuGang“ series Nicola Hümpel and the Navigators explore sacral music through scenic imagery.

In the Arias by the once Thomaskantor of Leipzig they delve into their pictorial language of baroque piety and bound by a yearning of the hereafter search for timeless translations of Bach’s vocal and instrumental work. The Instrumentalists Mayumi Hirasaki (Violin), Jakob David Rattinger (Viola da Gamba) and Eugène Michelangeli (Cembalo, Organ) are incorporated into the performance with countertenor Terry Wey and dancer Yui Kawaguchi. As a strong contrast to the humility of Bach’s Protestantism compositions by Marin Marias serve as a whirlwind of invigorating joie de vivre.

Oliver Proske meaningfully frames a space at the center of which, uninhibited, is Bach. With and in his music we can discover how the missing pedals on a Cembalo can reveal erotic possibilities, where it is the human voice resides and what connects a peppermill to Pentecost. The hardwood galley benches of the church vessel transform into the pillars of a towering cathedral as soft tones explode into a thunderous pipe organ.

A production by the Thuringia Bach Festival and Nico and the Navigators. The performance is part of the KlangZuGang concert series, for which Nico and the Navigators receive the support of the Fonds Darstellende Künste from the Mittel des Bundes as part of a three-year sponsorship programme. In addition the ensemble is sponsored by the Region of Berlin.


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