PRESENT - Wenn wir uns mitten im Leben meinen

An art action for persons affected by Corona

© Falk Wenzel

The music video series will be released via the radialsystem website as well as various social media starting March 27: Click here for the music videos: https://bit.ly/3lOhdfp

Artists fulfill wishes: On six days in February - from February 22 to 28, 2021 - the ensemble Nico and the Navigators was available at radialsystem Berlin for a series of musical-scenic miniatures. Six guests were invited to each choose a piece of music - from pop to classical - and tell about their special experiences with the pandemic. A questionnaire was used for preparation, which looked at private as well as social aspects of Covid-19.  The invited guests are existentially affected by the virus in different ways and thus represent many people in our society.

From the music wishes and lyrics of those affected, Nico and the Navigators each made a music video dedicated to the guest within one day. The participants can remain anonymous if they wish. From March 27 to May 01, 2021, a new film of the music video series PRESENT will be released every Saturday at 8 pm via the website of radialsystem and various social media.

The musical and scenic lineup for each video clip may vary:

From the string quartet Kuss Quartett, pianist Matan Porat, violinist Elfa Rún Kristinsdóttir, drummer Philipp Kullen, guitarist Tobias Weber, to baritone Nikolay Borchev, tenor Ted Schmitz, dancer Yui Kawaguchi, dancer Ruben Reniers, dancer Florian Graul, actress Annedore Kleist as well as actor Patric Schott.


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