SILENT SONGS into the wild

Staged Concert with music by Franz Schubert



Upcoming shows

15th & 17th September 2017: Niedersächsische Musiktage

25th September 2017: Konzerthaus Berlin 

10th January 2018: Elbphilharmonie



Franz Schubert’s Lieder are about wandering and departure, about everlasting estrangement and loneliness. What would it mean to approach these texts and lieder with all our senses? How would Schubert's music break out of 21st century individuals?

In ‘SILENT SONGS into the wild’ singers, musicians and performers embark on a journey through the world of classical song discovering them anew in the here and now. They are not limited to their voice but utilize their whole personalities and their complete range and repertoire of emotions and movement. Set into motion, the Navigators react like a seismograph to the vibrations of Schubert’s Lieder! 



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