Konrad Wolf Prize 2016

Nicola Hümpel awarded by the Akademie der Künste



Award Ceremony
13th September 2016
Akademie der Künste

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It gives us great pleasure to announce that the Akademie der Künste has awarded Nicola Hümpel the Konrad Wolf Prize 2016!

The jury of academy members included Nele Herting, Reinhild Hoffmann und Barrie Kosky. The prize was presented on the 13th of September.

“Since they were formed, Nico and the Navigators have been exploring the absurdities and abysses of people’s behaviour, rituals and habits. They create bizarre and quirky images where, in individual body language, the corporeality of the Navigators becomes the narrative. In many different ways, actors, dancers, singers, musicians, architects and visual artists join forces from different countries, each contributing their own experiences. It is on this basis that Nicola Hümpel then initiates her research and improvisations. The stories, often decisively structured by music, emerge in the vibrant settings designed by Oliver Proske. With their ‘radically lyrical landscapes of ideas’, they turn their intimate gaze, as Nicola Hümpel says, ‘like a magnifying glass on the germ cell of human contradictions. In this process, they seek to raise primeval questions about what it means to be human, yet without offering any definitive answers’. ” (Nele Hertling)


Named after the film director and long-standing President of the East German Akademie der Künste, the Konrad Wolf Prize is awarded for outstanding artistic achievement in the fields of the performing arts as well as film and media art. The prize is awarded annually, alternating between the Performing Arts Section and the Film and Media Art Section. Award winners of the last years were amongst others Christoph Schlingensief (2015), Simon McBurney (2008), Andres Veiel (2005), Lars von Trier (2004), Jossi Wieler (2002). 




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